Men’s Wardrobe Staples: Style Guide to Polo Shirts

Although many people associate polo shirts with country clothing, the truth is that, when appropriately combined, these shirts can look stylish and even elegant. Whether you plan to wear them daily, at work or when going out, a high-quality polo shirt could become your first clothing option.

What Are Polo Shirts Actually Called?

men wearing polo shirt

These clothing staples are also known as tennis shirts and chukker or chukka shirts. The history of polo shirts dates back to the 19th century when they first appeared in India in 1859 and were worn by polo players. Over the years, these shirts became popular in many other countries, and they’ve become the first choice among men. Even today, they’re still the first shirt choice among stylish guys, and there are many reasons for this.

Why Men Love Wearing Polo Shirts?

They’re Versatile

Gone are the days when there were only a few models and patterns of polo shirts. With the constant evolvement of technology and fabrics, polo shirts are everything but boring. Today’s men polo shirts are stylish, appealing and versatile, the perfect alternative to plain and ordinary t-shirts. With their unique collars, buttons and fantastic range of fabrics, polo t shirts for men are ideal for any occasion. Besides the short-sleeved models, you can also choose from long-sleeved polos to wear year-round.

Comfort Is Their Second Name

Today’s polo shirts are about giving men the ultimate comfort without compromising style as they’re breathable, stretchy, and soft. Usually, they are made of cotton, which explains their excellent benefits. However, you can also find them made from a mix of cotton and polyester for added durability.

How to Wear and Style the Different Types of Polo Shirts?

different colors polo shirts

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

This is the classic design of a polo shirt, and the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s timeless and unique. A simple and plain polo shirt of this kind can work perfectly with everything starting from jeans and chinos and ending to suit pants. When you want to achieve a more formal look, you can combine it with a blazer, loafers, oxfords or ankle boots. When you should dress more casual, you can always match it with jeans and sneakers.

Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Once the temperatures drop, you can switch the short-sleeve shirts for the long-sleeve ones and combine them the same way. Khakis, trousers, jeans, sneakers, moccasins and boots are some of the clothing pieces and footwear you can pair with a long sleeve polo shirt. Given that they can be worn with a blazer or even with a suit coat, you can combine them with the autumn all-time-favourite suede and leather jacket.

Some Other Interesting Outfit Ideas

combine polo shirt with everything

Did you know that men polo shirts can look great combined with sweatpants?! This sweatpants/polo shirt combination is ideal for when you want to wear something casual. This combination is the perfect way to look stylish and eye-catching without effort. The key to looking stylish is choosing a well-fitted shirt and sweatpants. Otherwise, you’ll ruin the look. You can polish the look by wearing low-top sneakers. If the weather’s chilly, you can finish the look by wearing a bomber or puffer jacket.

When the weather is too hot to handle during spring and summer, you can always combine your favourite polo shirts with shorts. From short chinos and cargo pants to denim shorts and Bermuda, polo shirts are the easiest and simplest top option for pulling together your look. You can wear it tucked or untucked depending on the occasion. Regarding the footwear, you can combine it literally with anything from sneakers and loafers to men thongs, slides and cork sandals.

Quick Tips to Have in Mind

• For a more polished look, keep the polo shirt buttons done up;
• When wearing it at formal events, tuck the shirt into your pants and have the buttons done up;
• The fit of the shirt shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. It has to allow you to move comfortably;
• If you consider yourself a fashionista and want to look smart casual, you can polish off your look by wearing a snapback or weekend bag;
• Wearing a cap, beanie, or some other type of hat is also an option when you want to look casual.

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