How to Bring a Modern Cowboy Flair to Your Outfit with Accessories

Ever since the first western film was made, the cowboy style has been a popular fashion movement. And with modern TV shows like Westworld and video games like Red Redemption, it still holds the public’s attention. Even the fashion industry has been influenced by this unique style, with many designer labels, such as Calvin Klein, incorporating cowboy boots, rockabilly shirts and wide-brimmed hats into their lines. If you too love this manly, rugged style and want to incorporate it into your outfits, here are some accessories that can help you capture a modern, cowboy flair.

A Leather Cowboy Belt

The easiest way to make a Western statement is by putting on a leather cowboy belt with a bold metallic buckle. It’s recommended to choose one that’s made from 100% genuine leather, just the kind true cowboys wore. What’s more, a genuine leather belt is a long-lasting accessory that you can use for years. When choosing a cowboy belt, pay attention to the metal its buckle is made of. For a cohesive look, it’s important that the metal matches the rest of the metallic touches in your outfit, like for instance, the jeans’ zipper, any jacket buttons, rings or a watch. You can even get two buckles, one in silver and one in bronze colour, and interchange them depending on your outfit and the accessories you plan to wear. The buckle may be adorned with western motifs like cattle horns, your initials, or the brand’s logo. Some Australian brands famous for their modern designs of cowboy belts are RM Williams and Ringers.

A Mean-Looking Hat

If you want your outfit to immediately scream Western, you can’t go without a badass cowboy hat. Modern cowboy hats are made from a variety of materials including straw, leather, felt, or wool. As a result, this makes them practical for all kinds of weather. So, a cowboy hat can make you look cool and protect you whenever you want to shield yourself from the summer sun rays or the cold winter wind. Before buying a hat, it’s important to try it out and see whether it looks good on your particular face shape.

A Neckerchief

No cowboy ever goes out without a neckerchief around his neck. While in the past, the neckerchief has served a practical function by allowing the cowboy to keep dust, wind or fumes off his face, today it’s mainly used as a statement-making accessory. A neckerchief is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to bring a cowboy flair to your look. You can choose from a variety of colours depending that can match your outfits.

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