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How to Soothe and Look After Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be tricky to deal with. It sure is frustrating to have skin that gets so easily irritated, red, itchy or inflamed. The reason behind it may be the products you are using or it may be because of the exposure of external factors – there are many possible triggers. But the good news is that you can keep your symptoms under control with a few simple changes to your skincare routine.

sukin sensitive skin

The first thing to remember if you have sensitive skin is to be extra careful regarding what you put on it on a daily basis. When it comes to being better prepared, all you need to do is stick to products that are natural and make sure you buy from a reliable seller. Sukin sensitive skin products for instance are gentle to the skin and contain no parabens, drying alcohols, artificial colours, perfumes, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones. All of this is for the purpose of because mindful of the fact that all these bad ingredients can dry out your skin, clog your pores and mess with the self-repair process of the cells. Instead, Sukin sensitive skin products use ingredients that are gentle and hydrate and soothe delicate skin without causing a reaction. Things like green tea, avocado oil, purified water, fruit extract, antioxidant-rich rosehip, sesame and jojoba oils help restore the skins moisture levels, leaving it feeling soothed nourished and balanced.

Next, since air pollution particles can stick to your skin, over time they can build up and lead to irritation. You can prevent this from happening by clearing your skin at the beginning and at the end of the day to remove dirt and impurities (a pack of gentle facials cloths is also a good option when out and about). Also when you have a sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, you want to limit your time in the sun and instead seek shade. It’s advisable to limit tour sun exposure during peak hours (10 am to 2 pm) and wear sunscreen all year round since the sun doesn’t have to be shining for the skin to suffer from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB. You should look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen or maybe try a moisturizer with SPF that has been formulated for sensitive skin.

Finally, taking good care for your delicate skin by protecting it from harsh weather and applying the right products can help your skin balance, but let’s not forget that what you put into your body can also affect your skin. On that note, you can make sure it stays beautiful, calm and clear by keeping the hydration levels high and drinking plenty of water. As a reminder, you can put a bottle on your desk and just keep sipping.

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