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Fishing: the Choice of Rod Defines the Umph of Your Triumph

When it comes to sports, having the right equipment is a necessity. Same goes for fishing. While fishing may not always be considered as a sport, some take it as a casual activity. Nevertheless, playing basketball in high tops still protects your ankles, and shorts allow you to move the ball between your legs easier. Same applies to fishing – you can fish using a stick and a line to try and catch a fish, but it’s easier if you have the right equipment.

What the ball is to basketball, the rod is to fishing, you just can’t do it without it. Manufacturers have gone a long way to produce developed rods able to cast baits farther and farther away and with more accuracy. They’ve also balanced the capabilities of fishing rods to give fishermen an advantage over a hooked fish. So if you want to be an effective fisherman, you need to pick the prefect tool. You can find some of the best fishing rods Australia wide online, and pick the right rod for a given situation.

Fishing Rod

You should decide on the fishing rod depending on where you intend to fish most frequently and what size are the your target fish. There’s something called rod power – which is the amount of pressure you’ll have to apply in order to make the fishing rod bend. Some rods come in multiple power levels like medium-heavy, ultra-heavy, ultra-light, etc. Lighter rods require less pressure to be bent and are better for catching smaller fish. Heavy rods on the other, hand require much more pressure and are perfect for deep-sea fishing.

Another thing you should consider when buying fishing rods Australia wide online, is the action of the rod. The action describes where and how hard the rod flexes when pressure is applied. Or in other words, how far from the tip the rod will bend. Rods are usually divided into four categories when it comes to action – extra fast, fast, moderate and slow.

Fast and extra fast rods are stiff and the bending starts near the top. They’re ideal for fishing single hook and heavy lures and are also very sensitive. Slow rods on the other hand start to bend near the handle. They generally require less sensitivity and are more focused on keeping the fish hooked. They’re great for casting light baits and are ideal for multi-hook lures. Moderate rods are the middle ground of the aforementioned two and are the most versatile type.

To summarize, for Australian waters you’ll need tough and durable rods. And if you have some experience in fishing in your nearby areas and in the areas you intend to fish, then you will have an easy time picking the right rod for the occasion. However, if you don’t, you can watch some Australian fishing shows on TV to learn about all the types of rods and all the features you’ll want your rod to have to increase your fishing efficiency.

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