Fashion Tips – Cool Ways to Style Up Your Urban Jeans

Those who think that urban jeans are only a trend are quite wrong. This denim style has evolved into a go-to fashion staple in most women’s wardrobes all over the globe, and for a great reason. Urban jeans are stylish, can be dressed up or down, and are very affordable. Being considered a quick-go-to item, you can combine these pieces of clothing with almost all kinds of tops.

While simplicity is what makes denim an essential item for every woman’s closet, it also makes it vulnerable to getting caught in a style rut. If you find yourself consistently pairing your urban jeans with the same T-shirt, it may be time for some style inspiration. You might be surprised at just how chic and elegant womens urban jeans can look when combined with something that you haven’t paired them with before. Forget the basic t-shirt and sneakers combination and try the following instead.

Add a Pop of Colour

A quick and simple way to bring new life to your old jeans is to style them with a pop of colour. Bold hues such as fuchsia, cobalt, red and gold can be just what your outfit needs to be transformed from blah to wow.

Pair It with a Shirt

When paired with a shirt, womens urban jeans are instantly transformed from casual to chic. The classic look of a button-down shirt adds a sophisticated edge to jeans that can easily work for smart-casual occasions. This combination pairs best with heels.

Style It with a Sweater

Urban jeans not only look incredibly chic with sweaters but their slim shape also helps to balance out the chunkiness of knitwear. For the ultimate autumn look, add some awesome boots and sunglasses to the outfit.

Wear It with a Leather Jacket

For this combination, it is important to create a blend between edgy and chic. Keep it cool with a biker jacket and dark colours, but remain feminine with womens urban jeans, heels, and a flowing top.

Jeans + Blazer

This combination creates a sharp and sophisticated style. For a dressy look, try styling the pair with a shirt and high heels. For something more casual, a turtleneck sweater and boots will work wonders.


Accessories have the power to make any outfit look more fashionable. Whether it is a scarf, a hat, or sunglasses, these items add a touch of style that outfits without accessories lack. They are also an amazing way to help adapt your urban jeans to different looks such as bohemian, rocker, and vintage styles.

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