Easy & Affordable Changes to Spruce Up Your Bathroom’s Looks

So, you’ve had the same bathroom for quite a while now, and feel like it could use some change. However, updating the bathroom isn’t exactly an easy project. Renovations can be way too costly for owners or even downright impossible for renters. But considering how the bathroom is a small space, even the tiniest of changes can make it shine when done in the right way. To get you inspired, here are some of the easiest and most affordable ways you can give your old and tired bathroom an updated look, regardless if you’re a homeowner or renter.

Get a Fancy Toilet Paper Holder


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There’s nothing fancy about toilet paper, so many bathroom owners can overlook the decorative potential a toilet paper holder can have. However, today you can find a wide array of gorgeous decorative toilet paper holders available in all sorts of colours and designs. Plus, the toilet paper holder usually has a central spot in the bathroom, which makes it the ideal accessory to make a unique statement. So, don’t be afraid to pick one that’s uniquely stylish and make the mundane task of using toilet paper feel glamorous.

Whether you’re shopping online or at a local bathroom supply store, you’ll come across toilet paper holders ranging from refined and minimalist to rustic and quirkier designs. So, instead of the standard, boring plastic holders that get stained quickly, you can pick from a wide range of more durable and attractive materials. For instance, if you have a vintage bathroom, a toilet roll holder made of brass will be the perfect accent piece. On the other hand, if you have a Scandi-style bathroom, a matte black holder can complete the minimalist modern feel. And then, there’s an array of wooden toilet roll holders for rustic style bathrooms.

Just keep in mind that toilet paper holders can come in different installation styles. For instance, if you pick a wall-mounted holder, you will need to drill a hole in the wall. And if you already have gorgeous tiles on the wall, drilling a hole is obviously a bad idea. In this case, a suction cup holder is a much better choice. There are also freestanding holders which consist of a stand and a rod. These holders can hold several rolls of paper, which makes them a great option if you’re living with someone who always “forgets” to put a new roll.

Add Some Glitz with a Brand New Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror, no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for an outdated medicine cabinet or a basic rectangular mirror. Instead of letting the mirror take a back seat and only be just another functional element in the bathroom, you can bring it to the front and make it the statement piece your bathroom needs. A mirror with some personality can instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. So, why not go for a mirror with an ornate frame? Or try a bold irregular shape? You can even modify your existing mirror with some lights for an instant dose of drama.

Consider a Wallpaper Update


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The bathroom can often feel too sterile and cold, especially if it has white walls. When it comes to giving some life to the bathroom, wallpaper can be the best tool. Today, you can find a variety of water-resistant wallpaper designs that can withstand the wet and humid conditions in the bathroom. There are many smart ways you can use wallpaper in your bathroom to give the space a special decorative touch.

Swap Out the Tapware

Your budget may not be big enough to handle major bathroom upgrades such as replacing the tub or switching the tiles, but swapping out your old faucets and shower heads is certainly cheap and quick. And you’d be surprised just how much impact this one simple change can generate. Especially, if you make an unusual choice and go for black matte fixtures this time. Just think about how modern a black showerhead can look against a crisp white tub. And the good news is that black fixtures won’t show ugly water spots or fingerprints like other lighter finishes do.

Pick Gorgeous Bathware


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You want to bring some interest to your bathroom, but you have only limited space and can’t really fit any décor without risking to overwhelm the space. But nothing can stop you from using the items that already need to be in the bathroom to make a statement. For instance, a set of decorative matching or mismatched towels and bathrobes can add colour and texture to the room. Similarly, a fuzzy rug-style bath mat can add a dose of warmth to the bathroom, helping to create a spa-like feel. And instead of a bathroom freshener, why not opt for a decorative scented candle? There are many similar ways you can add a decorative accent to the bathroom.

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