Best Ways to Jump-Start Your Day and Get Ready for Workout

Starting a fitness programme may be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Physical activity can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, and even enhance your sleep habits and self-esteem. And there’s even more good news: starting your day right can help you become more efficient at working out! Here’s how:

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Many adults report receiving seven or fewer hours of sleep every night; a good night’s sleep is essential for productivity. Getting a full eight hours of sleep each night takes some planning for many of us.

When it comes to getting enough rest, there are a few suggestions. These are some examples:

  • Wind down at the end of the day by avoiding hard activities such as exercise and heavy lifting.
  • Take a warm bath to unwind or read a book before bedtime.
  • Set a timer to turn off the TV and other electronics.
  • Curl up on the couch or in bed with a hot cup of decaf tea.
  • Set your alarm clock for eight hours or more after you go to bed to ensure you get enough rest.
  • Create a habit of getting up the first time your alarm goes off to avoid using the snooze button.
Source: swaggermagazine.com

2. Prepare a healthy and protein-rich breakfast

Prepare a healthy breakfast with ingredients that make you feel good to fuel your inspiration and get your day started right. Eating healthy may be less difficult than you think. A quick bowl of oats or a quick smoothie of fruits with whey protein can help your health without taking much time to prepare.

If you’re planning a physically demanding day or a thorough workout, incorporating high quality whey protein powders in your smoothie or juice can get your fitness regimen off to a good start. According to widespread research, these proteins may boost the nutritious content of the diet while also influencing the immune system. They’re fast-digesting and immediately deliver the required amino acids to the muscles.

Because of this, whey protein powders are often used to improve sports performance and overall bodily performance and strength. They’re just as great with speeding up post-workout recovery. A kind reminder: leave an hour for your food digestion before you hit the gym or the running trail as you don’t want to overwhelm your body and your level of performance.

Source: healthline.com

3. Enjoy a rich cup of coffee or tea

While staying hydrated with H2O first thing in the morning is an important component of a healthy routine (don’t forget your reusable bottle of water if you’re on your way out), you should also enjoy it. This will make getting out of bed simpler and enhance the likelihood that your habit will stick.

If you’re not that much of a water drinker even if it’s enhanced with some fruits, veggies, or herbs, start your day with a delicious cup of coffee or tea to make it more enjoyable. Combining your morning beverage with a healthy breakfast in the company of your housemates, family, or pets is a winning combination. Similarly, you can use this time to take deep breaths and practise mindfulness before proceeding with the rest of your morning routine.

4. Don’t forget about the little “self-care” moments

Self-care is a routine that you develop to promote your pleasure and well-being. This might range from a grooming routine, such as a cold shower to wake up your senses or a pampering skincare regimen, enjoying a smoothie with energizing whey protein powders, to reading a book to either calm or revitalise your mind depending on your specific needs for the day. What you consider self-care will be personal to you, but you can look for things that make your body and mind feel good.

Source: calyouth.org

According to data, active people are more relaxed and in a better mood than sedentary persons. Preventing depression is just one of the many advantages of working out; other advantages include improved sleep and higher vitality.

5. Include a quick but mindful stretching session

Stretching before stepping out of your home will wake you up and improve your blood circulation. It can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system — the rest and digest’ system — putting you in a more relaxed condition as soon as you get out of bed, setting the tone for a pleasant morning and day.

Stretching before getting out of bed may also help prevent falls, theoretically speaking. You may be more careful and mindful when you put your feet on the ground as you become more mindful of your body and, as a result, your surroundings.

6. Give yourself enough time to get to the gym

Whether you work out from home or drive yourself to the gym, allowing yourself ample time to mentally and physically show up is critical—especially if you’re not a morning person.

Source: t-nation.com

Be deliberate about when you wake up to accomplish this. Set your alarm so you have enough time to complete your morning routine and create effective new habits in addition to getting eight hours of sleep.

Whatever time you choose to wake up, try to leave adequate time for personal activities to avoid overworking or straining a muscle in a hurry to get everything done at once.

7. Plan out your fitness regime and work duties

Getting started is much more difficult when you don’t know what to do. Create a chronological to-do list the day before to avoid the usual morning confusion. Sort jobs by significance, and prioritise the most difficult or time-sensitive projects first. Because we are most creative in the morning, this is an excellent time to complete your most challenging tasks.

Schedule tasks that take less thought as the day progresses, such as responding to emails or creating tomorrow’s to-do list. When you prioritise, you will accomplish more and spend less time transitioning from one project to the next.

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