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A Brief LED Lenser Overview

LED Flashlights

led lenser p5r.2

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Well, flashlights have sure gone far, haven’t they? Since the invention of the light bulb, it took less than a century to take this important piece of tech out of the static light fixtures and place it in a portable, handheld form we know now. Shifting and improving, the flashlight took a life of its own and became more widespread than any other piece of technology until the invention of the mobile phone.

Anyone who owns an old light bulb flashlight knows that they tend to be heavy and heat up very quickly. That’s mostly because the lightbulb as it was wasn’t the optimal method of turning electricity into light. This all changed with the introduction of the LED or Light Emitting Diode. Using more efficient physical processes, LED’s convert electricity into light at very precise energy ranges, thus preventing energy leakage in the form of heat, as it tends to happen in regular lightbulbs.

Such a powerful piece of technology when incorporated into the design of a portable light produced LED flashlights, truly the optimized form of this handheld electric torch.

Now, as the title suggests, we are going to make a brief overview of led lights from one certain brand, in this case, Lenser and examine all the different types of torches this company has produced, from the LED Lenser P5Rr.2 to the LED Lenser H14R.2 and everything in between.


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We begin with the torches, as they are the more traditional flashlight form we know and love. We will discuss a few of design series and we’ll single out one particular model as an example. We will focus mainly on the P, K and X series of Lenser LEDs.

The P Series (The Everyday Torch)

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The P Series torches are almost legendary, as they are famous for their reliability and durability. These superbly designed LED Lenser torches have flawless state-of-the-art technology that includes Lenser’s patented Advanced Focus System. With sizes that suit any job or need, there’s no question as to why this series has been ranked the best in the business by professionals worldwide. The best-selling model is the well-known LED Lenser P5R.2.

This model is positively made for everyday use and can be slipped into the kitchen drawer, bag or your pocket. It uses the latest led technology and advanced focus systems to provide a seamless beam of light and four brightness levels in addition to its strobe, SOS and dimming features. It has a stylish design which is combined with seal-tight technology, which makes It the ideal companion for dusty or wet environments.

It holds up to a whopping 420 lumens and comes with a Floating Charge System™ for wall-mounted or on-the-go charging. You just pop the flashlight into the magnetic recharging system and voila. Not to mention that it can be recharged up to a 1000 times before any issues arise. For regular charging, it can be plugged via a USB cable to a power source, which makes the whole thing so simple.

Whereas traditional torch focusing systems consist of either a lens or a reflector, the LED Lenser P5R.2 combines the strengths of both lens and reflector into a single combined system known as the Advanced Focus System. The result is a clear homogeneous light for close-up use, and a focused beam for long-distance use.

The beam distance of this torch ranges from 40m to 250m and depending on the power usage, it can last anywhere from 1 to 25 hours on a single charge. Its weight is barely above a 100g and its size is 127 mm of length, with a head diameter of 29mm.

The K Series and the V Series (Pocket Torches)

led lenser pocket torches

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Weighing just a few grams, these series’ are compact and as lightweight as it can get. Perfect for a keychain flashlight for emergency light needs. Our notable pick is the LED Lenser K1.

This tiny compact led produces a massive amount of light for its small size. Clocking in at just 10g, the k1 produces 13 lumens in a beam of 16 meters. It runs on button cells which can last up to 15 mins. This seems like a short time, but when comparing its size and battery capacity to the amount of light it produces, 15 mins of uninterrupted mini light can do a lot.

The T Series, The F Series, The X Series (Tactical Torches)
Truly a favourite amongst emergency services, police officers and military units, these robust torches are designed for tactical use. The series ranging from long-distance illuminators to glass breakers, and our pick for it is the LED Lenser X21R.2.

This torch has an ultra-bright search beam with up to 5000 lumens when ran on boost mode with an outstanding 800 metre beam range. It can easily be switched between six modes (power, low power, boost, blink, SOS, strobe and position) and will ensure you always have the light when you need it. With a maximum runtime of 40 hours in low power mode, the X21R.2 is the king of tactical searchlights.

Head Torches

led lenser head torches

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Head torches are a simple concept. Just strap a flashlight to your head and poof, headtorch. Lenser have several head torch designs, but their flagship series is the H series, that provide an exceptionally bright light in any situation. The H Series is perfect for work in dark locations or places where you need the use of both of your hands. Our candidate pick is the LED Lenser H7R.2.

This head torch is the result of a passion for perfection in the realm of hands free lighting. With four light settings to choose from, it delivers high performance in any situation.

With a maximum of 250 lumens of light, the H7 can produce a beam of 160m and run from 7 to 30 hours max. It also contains the Advanced Focus System of the P5R with the addition of Speed Focus. All of this for head torch that barely weighs 170 grams.

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