Is a Workout on Eight Wheels Worth It?

Inline skating is a fun way to participate in a fitness activity that has huge benefits on your body and mind. If you loved skating as a kid you can probably hit the road on eight wheels without a major problem again. However, if you’re a newbie in this extremely rewarding sport, you should be a bit more careful. Inline skating requires you to balance on one foot at a time while maintaining momentum, for which you’ll need to have a considerable level of coordination. Once you’ve practiced your coordination, you’ll be good to go on your own and have some fun.

To really reap the fitness benefits of inline skating, you should get low and go fast. The lower you get, the more you will engage your leg muscles and core. Bending your knees and dropping your upper body lower while skating will increase the burn in your legs, and after skating for some time, you’ll feel your muscles getting stronger and more defined.

Also, it’s really important to properly use your arms while skating. Your front arm should come up slightly in front of your body and your back arm should be away from your body behind you. Keep in mind that your arms should cross to the other sides of your body a bit more than they do when running. This is the kind of exercise that’s good for every muscle, which is why the benefits of inline skating are often compared to the benefits of jogging, bicycling and swimming.

Inline Skates For women1

However, before you get on your eight wheels, you need to make sure you find the inline skates that suit you best. The best inline skates for men and women have many features that you’ll need to take into consideration before visiting a skate shop.

First, think about how many times a week you’ll be using them, where will you be skating and what are your skating aspirations. If you consider rollerblading just a fun and productive way to spend the afternoon, you should opt for the recreational inline skates for men and women that are built with comfort in mind and are perfect for beginners.

However, if you’re a more experienced skater and your approach to rollerblading is a bit more serious, you should definitely try the fitness or the urban inline skates as these will give you a real adrenaline-filled ride around the city. Just keep in mind that you have to be really careful when rollerblading. Before going for a long or extreme ride, make sure you’re completely confident in your skating skills, you have great control over your body and know how to properly keep your balance.

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