What’s The Difference Between Shutters, Blinds And Shades

Plantation Style ShuttersWindows are your home’s eyes and soul. They give you a glimpse of the outside world, a breeze of fresh air and a shining ray of sun in the morning. Windows bring a special charm to any home environment and that’s why they deserve a very special treatment. Thanks to them we avoid the possible sensation of claustrophobia and darkness. We also love windows because they give us freedom and with just one look outside, they make us feel comfortable and safe in our own homes. And when it comes to interior design, they have a very important role as well: they are the decisive elements when it comes to decorating your space and personalizing it.

Normally, when it comes to window treatment, we choose among shutters, blinds or shades and since there’s no “rule” or a definition which one is better, we always end up following and listening to our taste preferences. But what’s the real difference between blinds and shutters? Most of us think these two are practically t he same thing and that’s completely wrong. Here is a brief summary of how to tell the difference between a shutter, a blind and a shade.modern_blinds

Custom made plantation style shutters are commonly known as a variation of stationary blinds that come with a rod. Usually they are made out of genuine wood or vinyl, however it’s important to note that traditional shutters, although made of wood, are not the same as plantation style shutters. They have smaller, narrower louvers and are more often found in older houses and apartments since it’s nearly impossible to find companies that sell them today. Today’s plantation shutters come in different sizes and styles so they are suitable for any home, big or small.

Modern blinds are normally made of plastic or metal, but you can also find wooden or, as they are popularly known as, bamboo blinds. Sometimes blinds are mistaken for shutters because they both have louvers, but they have many differences, especially in quality. Shutters are more likely to last longer without being damaged, whereas blinds should be replaced at least once in ten years.shades

Shades, on the other hand, are the most budget-friendly option of all. They are the inexpensive choice since they only feature a simple piece of material that raises and lowers. They are the preferred window treatment for people who want maximum control over the light, which means, you can either lower down or raise up your shade and let a lot of light inside your room without giving up your privacy. The cool thing about shades is that you can personalize them with your preferred materials and cute designs and let them bring some colorfulness into your room.

Now when you know the difference between shutters, blinds and shades, it’s time you start thinking about which solution will suit your home best, or maybe the perfect choice for you will be a mixture of all? In the end, don’t forget: windows are your home’s eyes so you better look after them very carefully.

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