Gloves Latex

My Story on Germs and Latex Gloves

Have you noticed how, even without realising ourselves, there comes a time and day when our professions seem to be taking the best of us? Okay, perhaps it sounds a bit confusing, but continue reading and you’re going to see where I’m headed with this.

Having my own pastry shop was a dream come true, and it wasn’t always easy, but it was all worth it because all the hard work is finally paying off now that I’m reaping the benefits, and enjoying the success, seeing more customers every day stop by to try my delicacies.

As you can imagine, preparing the various types of pastries urges imagination, coming up with different recipes to wow the customers, as well as it requires utmost hygiene so I wasn’t doing anything without my gloves latex to be exact. Easy to use, to take on and off in an instant, thanks to the light powder, it wasn’t difficult to get used to them or pile up on them for that matter.
Gloves Latex
The problem was when I started going through some phase, feeling something was missing on my hands at home, which is when the relationship with my SO came to a halt – drum roll: because of my fear of germs at home. You could say my behaviour was turning into something of obsessive compulsive, and the worst thing was I didn’t see it that way.

If any of you readers have watched Dexter’s Lab, you probably remember the Glove at First Sight episode of how Dexter’s parents met, and how his mum got to wear gloves.

What does a cartoon story have to do with my story, you ask? Well, since my SO was (and still is!) a fan of cartoons, and Cartoon Network particularly, preparing himself to be a father and enjoy this with our future kids, he turned the computer on one day, we watched this episode together, and then suggested I pile up on gloves latex at home too, so whenever I have the need, I could do as Dexter’s mum, just not let this affect what we have.

Long story short, I’ve used the episode as an eye opener, and even though I did get a whole pack of gloves for home use, I only wear them occasionally, when washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or baking.

The lesson of all this experience? Don’t let yourself get carried away with germ fear, but do use the gloves when working with food, or other chores around the home. It makes cooking and cleaning that much easier, besides getting the gloves wouldn’t break your bank.

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