Scandinavian Interiors & Decor: Beautiful Ways to Liven Up the Simplicity

So, you’ve covered all your bases: crisp white walls, bare hardwood floors and furniture with clean lines. However, you’re far from done. This white backdrop and simplicity that rules the space is perfect for adding some tasteful décor. If you think that this clashes with the minimalist mantra, you are very wrong. The right choice of décor can give some much-needed life to the otherwise cold interior and make it seem more stylish and modern.

Gallery Walls

What are those crisp white walls perfect for if not for displaying some beautiful Scandinavian-inspired art? After all, poster art prints and paintings are able to stand out better on the white background. At the same time, the colours and patterns featured in the art pieces give the much-needed contrast to the minimalist setting. But just like the space itself, the poster art prints, photographs and paintings should reflect typical Scandinavian motifs such as nature, geometric shapes, and black and white tones. Unlike the rest of the space that’s best left with only the bare minimum of things, there’s no limit to the number of art pieces you can include in a gallery wall.


For all their love of minimalism, Scandinavian interiors can really use some pattern play. In fact, the bolder the patterns, the better. Although the large furniture pieces should be streamlined and simple, they can definitely benefit from a pop of colour and prints. So, feel free to cover your neutral sofa with a pillow or two in a geometric print. Colourful printed throws and blankets are also common that also help give the space a hygge-like appeal. The wide, clean floors can also benefit from a modern, geometric rug that cosies up the space.


Without a doubt, any space can benefit from the addition of some decorative plants. However, plants are especially welcome in Scandinavian interiors where the outdoors is a big influence. If you feel in need of adding some drama, consider plants that are beautifully oversized such as rubber plants and even indoor palm trees. On the other hand, if you want to create a romantic and casual feel, you can introduce some plant stands with vines that overflow from their pots.

Metallic Touches

Scandinavian has always drawn inspiration from nature which is evident by the materials used. Besides the abundance of wood introduced by furniture and floors and decorative plants, hints of metallics can also be used to represent the connection Scandinavian has with nature. The best way to introduce metallics is through lighting fixtures. Copper and brass pendants, sconces and lamps have a certain edgy elegance and shiny finish that can bring a spark to a room. Additionally, you can add various decorative accents made out of metals such as vases, coat hooks, picture frames and more.

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