Construction Industry: The Undeniable Importance of Safety Equipment

Every day thousands of employees risk serious injury while on the job. They are in danger of being struck, cut, burned, blinded, or electrocuted. The hazards they may face range from pressing machine parts to caustic substances to falling objects. Despite these threads, however, the majority of workers remain safe. This is because workplace tragedies can be averted by using safety work gear.

Even in the safest workplaces, safety hazards can still be present. Safety equipment provides additional workplace protection to employees when all the other safety measures are applied. Safety work gear is anything you wear to prevent or minimise injuries. It is often as simple as a hard hat, eye protection, or a pair of work gloves. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used safety work gear that can keep employees safe while on the job.

Head Protection

On construction sites, it is easy to identify employees by the hard hats they wear to protect their head from falling objects such as pieces of materials or equipment. Protective hard hats have been protecting workers for years from objects that would otherwise injure them. For optimal protection, it is important to wear hard hats that are well-fitted and sit snugly on the head.

Face and Eye Protection

In addition to head protection, labourers should also take precautionary measures to keep their face and eyes safe too. Protective equipment such as full-face shields protects the face from flying debris, while safety goggles protect the eyes when working with wood, metal, and hot temperatures.

Skin and Hand Protection

Skin and hand protection can literally save the skin on your hands. They are typically required by all jobs in the construction industry to help avoid occupational hazards. Good skin and hand protection include cut-resistant gloves, rubber gloves and heat-resistant gloves.

Respiratory Protection

For those who work on a site where toxic substances are present, it’s essential to wear proper respiratory protection- it will help keep vital organs like the lungs in good working order. It is important for workers to keep in mind that just because they can’t see something that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt them. Protection equipment like respirators can not only protect individuals from paint spray and dust, but also from other substances such as pesticides, fumes and other hazardous contaminants.

While it is impossible to escape dangerous conditions all the time, wearing safety work gear can help you protect yourself, allowing you to take part in the workforce longer, get out alive and remain healthy.

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