Porcelain Veneers: The Solution to Your Smile Problems

Though we usually pay more attention on the outfits someone is wearing, it’s actually a person’s smile that sets up a lasting impression. Sadly, we don’t all have the perfect, dazzling smiles, that are capable of captivating people’s attention, but unlike centuries ago, dentistry has considerably improved, and there isn’t an issue that can’t be fixed.

What used to be solely available for the elite of Hollywood, and the immensely rich, is now available for everyone, given the fact technology and the development of restorative techniques have made dentistry affordable. Such is the case with porcelain veneers Melbourne based clinics are specialised in. The thin strip of ceramic is custom made, designed to be the perfect fit by choosing the exact natural tooth shapes, and can serve its purpose in enhancing the appearance.

As it’s based on a three-step process, examination, moulding appointment to clean teeth, prepare the custom mould, then fitting and cementing the veneers, with either minimal or no adjustment to the teeth underneath (enamel alteration), it’s the ideal way to get the smile of your dreams. The porcelain veneers Melbourne experienced dentists can provide you with are the real solution to your smile problems.


For instance, one common smile issue is discolouration. Over the years, this can happen due to certain food and drinks, that stain the teeth, like soft drinks, wine, tea, and coffee, the intake of specific antibiotics, and bad habits like smoking, so the teeth’s dentine loses its primary sparkle and turns into a yellowish colour.

Depending on the discolouration, it may not be something that whitening can truly fix, and that’s where porcelain veneers step in. They wouldn’t only cover up, but protect from further colour change too.

The teeth imperfections, due to chips and cracks, may not only be taking their toll on your appearance, but the health of your teeth as a whole. Veneers wouldn’t only cover up those imperfections, but also prevent further damage from happening. And then, the gaps. Gaps can either be present because of tooth extraction, or naturally with diastema. You can easily cover them up with the perfectly designed veneers.

Part of the magic of veneers is also in providing the suitable treatment for misaligned, short front, or crooked teeth, as they can be fitted onto those specific troublesome teeth. So long braces, and metal smile!

Veneers aren’t any more needy than natural teeth when it comes to hygiene, as they require the usual brushing and flossing, and of course, regular dentist check-ups. When properly taken care of, you can count on at least 15 years of veneer lifespan.

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