The New Age of Losing Weight: Scuba Diving

Have you ever considered finding some creative and alternative way to get in shape? When we think about losing some weight, we try changing our diet and head to the gym or simply start running in the mornings, but why not try something new this time, like scuba diving for example. Now although this suggestion might sound like something that came out of the blue (pun intended), read on and I’ll explain to you why getting underwater can give you a wonderfully shaped body.


Scuba diving is a sport that provides a long list of health benefits and while most people would think that the greatest benefit of scuba diving is confronting your fears, science and practice reveal something else. This is in fact the perfect underwater cardio workout. It’s an incredible way to start out with some cardio exercises followed by muscle training since scuba diving activates every single muscle in the body. This kind of workout is really effective because of the natural resistance water creates against our bodies when we move through it, which means that each flip of the fin is building your leg muscles.

From day one, you’ll learn that during scuba diving you should breathe slowly and deeply. This kind of exercise increases the lung capacity, strengthens the respiratory system and balances the nervous system. Deep breathing does not only increase your oxygen intake, it also helps you burn body fat way quicker and way more efficiently.

If you’re interested in trying out scuba diving yourself, the proper scuba gear. The first thing you should do before even entering a scuba diving class, is to buy scuba gear that has to suit you perfectly. The diving gear is really important in the whole process, so in order to be safe so you need to make sure you look around carefully before you buy scuba gear, because it’s an expensive investment that should last you for years.


Losing weight, boosting your metabolism and enjoying the marvelous world of the ocean’s life is actually possible and we Aussies are blessed having all the water around us, so we can stop daydreaming about scuba diving and make it possible with a little bit of effort. Getting out of one’s comfort zone and entering into a new world of adventure is always a great idea. So get those muscles working and get under the silky Australian waters as soon as you can!

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