Could Mortgage Broking Crack the Career Nut for You?

Are you a young and driven person considering to enter the business world, or perhaps an experienced professional looking to make a career jump that actually pays off? Mortgage broking may just be the right career path for you. Don’t worry, becoming a mortgage broker does not need any form of special university education. The only pre-requisite is having a high school diploma.

However, if you want to be successful in this field, you’ll need to know how to properly review financial documents, have an understanding of financial concepts, do a lot of research and have an ability to connect with both borrowers and lenders. So, the ideal mortgage broker will need to have a combination of some basic work skills – knowing how to use a computer, to be good at maths, take care of paperwork, and also be an outgoing and charismatic person. Not much complicated, you’d think. However, this is just an oversimplified definition of a mortgage broker. If you do have these qualities, you are off to a good start. But when you actually get into the businesses after getting your licence, you’ll see it’s not all that simple. A good mortgage broker course will prepare you for everything that you might face further in your career.


After you’re sure you have what it takes to become a mortgage broker, the next step is obtaining the necessary licence. A Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking (FNS40811) is the base level requirement to join the industry and there are lot of online courses that specialize in that. However, the right mortgage broker course will reward you with more than just a qualification – it will equip you with all the needed knowledge in the fundamentals of the industry, the key stake holders and their roles in the process, the technical aspects, and above all – the complicated compliance agreements. Undergoing a mortgage broker course will help you enter the business with the right knowledge and confidence.

If you were wondering whether it actually pays off, I must say, it does. A mortgage broker in Australia earns an average salary of $55,891 per year. Not bad, ha? But wait, that’s not all! The unique benefit of mortgage broking is that every month you get paid a trailing commission for the outstanding loans you have settled in the previous months and years. In the end, you could double or triple the money you initially got paid. Isn’t that wonderful? This passive income stream is the primary reason why mortgage broking is such a lucrative profession in today’s world.

Beside being an extremely well-paid profession, mortgage broking may also bring you personal fulfilment in knowing that you helped people accurately make the most important decision in their lives. Many lenders will try to cheat borrowers out of their money or real estate. But being a mortgage broker means helping people who aren’t financially literate to avoid falling into this trap. The future of so many families lies in your hands and that’s a huge responsibility.

With all things said, mortgage broking has the potential to crack the career nut for anyone who is ambitious, has good interpersonal skills and a great understanding of financial concepts. You could be lucky to be all of this, but even if you’re not, as long as you stay determined and take a good mortgage broker course, you can do mortgage broking like you were born to.

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