Kitchen Makeover: Colour Fads Come and Go, but Black & White Steals the Show

Choosing a colour palette for your kitchen can be more complicated than choosing the colours for the rest of your home. Kitchens are functional spaces and a flood of colours incorporated into them is certainly not a look you’d want as it can feel all too distracting and overwhelming. Not to mention how settling for a particular colour scheme can make it impossible to switch the look up later on. But using black and white as your kitchen colour base is a certain way to create a space that is visually striking but not overwhelming.

black kitchen counter stools 1

Black and white is a design trick that works well pretty much anywhere, and looks especially nice in the kitchen. It’s also a colour choice that can be applied to a variety of styles – from vintage to contemporary. This has something to do with the fact that these contrasting neutral colours balance each other out. Not to mention how this combo opens up the chance to use your creativity and come up with a range of stylish ideas to decorate your kitchen.

Use Complementary B’n’W Pairs

black kitchen counter stools 2

An especially elegant look is pairing two pieces of different black and white furniture. As black always seems to overpower white, it’s essential that you select it for the smaller piece. Like for instance, you can try pairing a marble island in crisp white, with a set of minimalist black kitchen counter stools. Black kitchen counter stools are an especially good choice in general as they don’t need as much cleaning up as opposed to stools in light colours. Make sure that your stools and kitchen counter match in height for greater convenience, or at least choose counter stools with adjustable seats. Stools with backrests and leg rests will also increase your comfort.

Make the Space Feel Larger and Brighter

black kitchen counter stools 3

A great advantage of designing your kitchen in black and white is that if you do it right, you have the opportunity to visually enlarge the space. Crisp white walls can beautifully open up the space and reflect light throughout the room. Anchoring the kitchen with black touches thorough décor, doors, rugs, or a set of sleek black kitchen counterfstools, enhances the impact of the white elements that are further inside. This way, the space feels large and airy, but still nicely accented.

Spark Interest

black kitchen counter stools 4

The white walls can be the perfect canvas to introduce some b’n’w wall décor into the mix. Think typography prints, graphics, black photo frames, wall clocks, and other pieces that can spruce up the simple, white walls. But don’t overlook decorating the floor as well. When strong colours are used in an interior, usually the floor should be in a clean and simple colour, but this simplistic colour scheme is perfect to add decorative touches to the floor as well. You can do so by using decorative tiles in interesting patterns or geometric shapes of black and white. Adding a rug will also add a layer of texture that warms up the space. A black and white kitchen scheme doesn’t mean you don’t have the freedom to bring in another colour. Using a single accent colour on your cabinets, or on the counter surface, is another great way to bring some interest to the kitchen.

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