Join the Solar Power Revolution: Get Solar Power System for Home

Being on the verge of destruction due to the poor habits and choices we make in general, exacerbated with the modern lifestyle, our precious planet through the many natural disasters is constantly reminding us to wake up and start making decisions mindfully, reduce the carbon footprint and help create better living conditions for future generations. With so much energy going to waste, that certainly takes its toll on our wallets, time has come for the awakening and resorting to renewable sources that nature provides, in the likes of wind and sun power.

Solar panels on roof of new house

We aren’t known as the Sunburnt country for no reason, considering we go through more sun radiation per square kilometre than any other place on earth, and we’ve surely come to make use of it as the country’s seen an undergoing revolution in solar power growth, particularly with the use of solar power system for home. Solar power is superior to fossil fuels as the long term option. As of last year, one in seven homes in Australia had a solar panel on the roof, more than anywhere else on this planet, which makes us the role models, serving as the inspiration for others.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the solar cell, first appearing in 1839 by French physicist Edmond Becquerel, has gone through transformations and it’s how it got to a price affordable for many, unlike some years ago, and that helped fuel this revolution. When we compare it with grid based energy, the set up of solar power system for home doesn’t seem that much of an initial investment. Installing this system not only helps you make way for clean and renewable energy in your home, thus as a result protect the environment, but it also paves the way to leading a life entirely off-grid.

The way solar systems work is they all rely on solar cells that solar panels are comprised of, latest technology offering the choice of 60 cell configurations that give the result of an output ranging from 250 to 260W. The solar panels collect the sun’s photons, creating a DC electric field which is then inverted to AC with an inverter, making it possible for the power to be used for home appliances. The AC then supplies the home with electricity through the switchboard. In the case of excess production of electricity, it’s stored in batteries for further use, but it’s also possible to get exported to the electrical grid and for that it’s best you inquire authorities and make sure you’re in the know of all the local permits and neighbourhood requirements prior to installing the system.

Great thing about this kind of system is you can even gather sufficient amount of energy during cloudy days, evenings and mornings, thanks to the advanced surface texturing and selective emitter, overtaking the weather challenges and proving effective during wind and snow as well. Solar power is indeed the power of the future.

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