Easy & Affordable Wedding Centrepieces that Still Look Delightful

When it comes to wedding décor, centrepieces can certainly overtake the whole reception area, considering how they have the spotlight on each table. So, if there’s one décor element you mustn’t go wrong with – it’s the centrepieces. But picking the perfect centrepieces for your wedding tables can be a pretty daunting task, especially when certain blooms and materials have a very high price tag. As flower prices go up, many couples choose to go for non-traditional centrepieces which besides being affordable also bring a unique and creative twist to the table. Here are some ideas that might give you plenty of inspiration.

Candlelight Centrepieces

Whether your wedding theme is rustic, modern or traditional – you cannot go wrong with candles which are the most versatile décor element. For an easy yet unique centrepiece that will get guests talking, use upside down glasses as candleholders and fill the bottom of the glass with a decorative element of your choice, such as beads or flower petals. This centrepiece idea is perfect for a modern wedding. On the other hand, candelabras are the ideal centrepiece for a traditional wedding. Rustic is in these days, and tea candles placed in a tree branch candleholder help establish the earthy, natural vibe of the theme. You can also incorporate some other everyday items as unexpected candleholders, such as apples, mason jars, or glass bottles. As you can see, when it comes to candles, there are tons of budget-friendly ways to turn them into delightful and creative centrepieces.

Candlelight Centrepieces

“Outside-the-Box” Greenery

If garden roses are out of your budget range, turn to more affordable flora. For instance, sunflowers, tulips and stock flowers are cheap but still beautiful. As minimalism is all the rage, you can use these flowers sparingly and save a few dollars along the way. If you have long tables to fill, garlands can be an enchanting choice and are often more affordable than a bunch of flowers. What’s more, you can even look beyond flowers for a more unexpected centrepiece. For example, fruits and veggies are a delightful way to bring a flood of colours to the table – plus, they can make for a refreshing snack.Greenery

Origami Centrepieces

Feeling extra creative and playful? Why not try making your own DIY origami centrepieces. Considering how the only material you need is paper, it’s definitely one of the most inexpensive centrepiece ideas. The only thing you’ll need to invest is your time. Cute origami centrepieces will bring a crafty, personal spin to your big day.


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