How Direct Marketing Can Make a Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you laugh at the idea of advertising a business by direct mail, thinking that e-mail has successfully surpassed it? Not so fast! Tell me, how often do you personally, open those pesky advertisements that are suffocating your inbox every day? And even if you do want to check them out, most of them end up in your spam folder anyway, where they are condemned to a slow and certain death. Now tell me, would you discard a physical piece of advertisement without throwing even a quick glance at it? I would say not, since we cannot defeat our human curiosity and disregard something we personally received in the mail.

Since most businesses seem to be determined to invest in fancy digital marketing campaigns, the competition for the internet medium grows. And more competition means less chances your business will stand out. Employing a successful direct marketing strategy is a unique way to emerge as a winner from the vast sea where all the big fish race for attention. This good old method of promotion allows a business to physically walk into a customer’s home and have a one-on-one with him.


The ultimate beauty of direct mail marketing is that it involves real, tactile pieces which can engage and stimulate the senses. This is an incredible advantage if you’re selling perfume for example, because you can give your potential customers a chance to smell it. Also, it’s shown that people’s mood is increased when they are exposed to a positive tactile sensation which makes them even more agreeable and susceptible to spending. A flyer or brochure that people can touch, smell or even taste, will ultimately bring them closed to your brand. Can you say the same for email?

Direct mail marketing’s advantage over digital marketing is also confirmed by numerous studies. A recent survey has reported that 44% of Australian consumers prefer reading catalogues to get informed about sales and specials in a store. People also stated that they liked catalogues and flyers because they allow them to discover new products while being easy to read and understand. This survey also found that consumers are most keen on receiving promotional material from supermarkets on a weekly basis, followed by department stores and restaurants.

Moreover, direct mail is unparalleled when it comes to targeted marketing. This is because there’s extensive planning and detailed database analysis to determine which people are more likely to be interested in the product. Consider this example: A golf club retailer wants to make some revenue by enlisting a direct marketing company to do his advertising. The company will use their contacts to gather client databases from all the golf courses in the area. The clients that visit the courses the most, and thus frequently need to replace their golf clubs, will be at the top of the mailing list. Neither e-mail, no TV adds can zone in on a target group like this.


And today, mail marketing is more flexible than ever. You can even combine it with your online presence and get double the traction. For instance, you can state your website on the piece or you can include a QR code which will take the customer directly to you with a simple scan with his phone. Truth is, if you do something interesting, people will get interested. And although direct marketing is a vintage approach, a creative and engaging promotional piece can have a big impact on a business’ reputation and returns.

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