Country French Décor: Elegance, Comfort, and So Much More

For so many people, the word ‘France’ conjures up images of the Eiffel Tower, couples in love and romantic gestures, exquisite cuisine, and haute couture. All of this, of course, is linked to Paris. However, if you go southeast and visit Provence, you’ll get the chance to see a completely different side of France, one that’s famous for its azure Mediterranean waters and bright blue skies, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, medieval architecture, and timeless decorating style. Yes, Provence is the birthplace of country French style.

Country French style is all about comfort and elegance. This extremely popular decorating style combines old with modern, antique with contemporary, thus keeping a home perennially fresh. This is precisely what makes country French decorating style ideal for eclectics and people who love displaying their vintage belongings or giving their old furnishings a new purpose.

French Furniture Living Room

Country French furniture is simple and stylish. Since the rural French value elegant beauty and functionality the most, country French furniture pieces are chic and rarely too embellished, which makes them suitable for many different rooms. When it comes to putting together a set of country French furniture pieces, professional interior designers advise their clients to mix distressed wooden pieces with metal ones in order to achieve the collected look that can be easily found in many cottages in the southeast of France. When looking for metallic items of furniture, avoid shiny ones and opt for wrought iron and burnished bronze.

French country décor is based on soothing and welcoming hues and soft patterns. White, cream, ecru, and ivory are gentle colors that make a place relaxing, whereas lavender, sunny yellow, and sky blue (all pulled directly from Provence’s vivid landscapes) make it cozy and inviting.

Delicate provincial patterns are an immensely important piece of this decorating puzzle because nothing screams ‘French country style’ like toile, gingham, stripes, and of course florals. Professionals say that a French country interior isn’t complete without flowers, whether they are carved into a wooden mirror frame or ‘blooming’ on linen upholstered furniture. Provence is home to many beautiful flowers, including sunflowers, irises, and poppies, which is why you might want to look for patterns that incorporate one of them.

When it comes to window covering options, French country decorating style favors curtains, especially full-length draperies. It also incorporates comfortable floor rugs, luxurious and elegant chandeliers, rich wallpapers, and noteworthy accents. An eye-catching stone fireplace, for example, is a wonderful way to welcome the French countryside into your living room.

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