Clever Tips That Can Make Your Room Appear Bigger

Although it’s a well-known fact that small rooms are extremely difficult to design and decorate, if you think you can only fit a bed and a TV in your room, let me stop you right there cause small spaces CAN be turned into amazing, comfortable nooks. In the light of this fact, below I’ll go over some aspects that have the power to open up a small space.


This is the most important aspect to keep in mind regarding limited spaces. Always choose furniture that will offer you both comfort and storage. For instance, having a bed with a drawer at the bottom is a big plus. Flexible arrangement is what can save a small space, along with elements that have two or more functions. It’s what brough about the invetion of the futon. A bed during nights and a couch during days, this is the most common convertible and multipurpose piece of furniture. Or you can opt for a bed that folds up high, thus enabling you to make full use of the lower level. So the key to ensuring you can have it all in a small room is being very mindful when you buy modern furnitre. This way, you’ll also be saving money, especially if you decide to buy modern furniture online.


We’ve read it many times but let’s mention it again: light colors make any space look bigger. It’s true that dark colors can give a room a cozier feel, but they will absorb light instead of reflecting it. Therefore, it’s always better to opt for light-colored walls and flooring instead that will open up your room and add freshness to it.


Small rooms need big windows. They bring in the natural light that gives any space depth and reflection. It’s best if you leave your windows bare, but since we all need privacy, just make sure you cross curtains off your list – they will close the space and make it appear a lot more crowded. Blinds or shades are the way to go when space limits you.



Having more light sources and avoiding relying on one dominant one is a very useful trick. Overhead lights can point out the limitations of the room, but placing several lamps on different places across the room is what might help create the desired illusion. This is when accent and task lighting are in full swing, so make sure you take advantage of all different types of lamps available for sale.

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