The Art of Telling Hilarious Jokes

Some people say that telling jokes is a highly desirable gift that not many of us posses. Others believe that it is an ability that, through commitment, practice and a lot of effort, everyone can master. But we like to think of telling jokes as a form of art that can and should be taught in schools.

Humor is an essential part of our daily lives and it is the one thing that keeps us positive, healthy and sane. We are all drawn to people who have a positive vibration and tend to make a joke from whatever life throws in their lives. However, the art of telling funny jokes can be mastered by anyone who’s willing to commit to learning proper techniques and practice telling jokes in front of a mirror.

When told correctly, jokes can get everyone in a room laughing and so create a great atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to be. But in the hands of untrained or unskilled joke-teller, even the best of jokes will fail to make anyone laugh through poor timing, terrible delivery, lack or excessive number of words or lack of preparation. Therefore, if you want to say a joke and get the response you think you deserve, then it’s the right time to start learning the art of telling jokes.

Time is of the Essence

As aforementioned, timing is a crucial step to successfully telling jokes without which there cannot be any laugh. You must deliver your words, sentences and phrases at the right time and in the right tempo, with an emphasis on words prepared in advance for better effectiveness. Besides knowing when to speak, good timing means also knowing when to pause. If you’re wondering what does timing have to do with the response of the listeners, well, there are actually a few things. When the audience is in sync with you, they follow, respond and listen to you easier. Also, good timing can arouse their interest in your jokes. The better you time your jokes, the better the results.

It’s Not About What You Say, But How You Say It

This old saying is the very essence of the art of telling jokes. In order to say a joke in a hilarious way, you need to be self-confident in your line\s and have the right tone of voice for the joke you’re telling. Even the most hilarious joke in the world can fail if it’s poorly delivered. Convincing, dramatic, entertaining, authoritative or sarcastic; it’s up to you to choose the right delivery that suits the essence of your joke so you can make your listeners burst in laughter.

Don’t Rush Your Punch Line

Although your audience will be impatient to hear your punch line, you must resist the temptation to rush it and instead wait until it is the perfect moment. Set a comfortable, easy tempo and stick with it. Start building anticipation as soon as possible and when the right moment comes, say your punch line. Not in a different tempo, not with a different tone of voice, but in the exactly same way you told the rest of the joke.

Don’t Laugh at Your Own Jokes

This is a very important rule. If you’re only trying to make yourself laugh, why are you wasting the time of others?! Of course there will be a small smile on your face, but chuckling before, during or after delivering a joke is a big no-no. Let your audience be the judge and respond the way they want to. You laughing at your own joke will not help your listeners to perceive it as funny.

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